Collaroy Beach After the Storm and a Lesson From God

This is an area well-known to me as we visited relatives at Narrabeen, which is an adjacent suburb, in my childhood. My brother now lives there and I had my first water-skiing lesson on Narrabeen Lakes in my teens. After the massive storm that hit the east coast of Australia this week it is now a mess. More than 50 meters (about 160 feet) of the beach has gone. Tethering on a cliff over what used to be their backyards are several multi-million dollar homes that are now to be demolished.

Pity the new owners of one of these properties who moved in some 2 weeks ago. So why do people build on beach fronts? Is it because of the view of the ocean? Is it perhaps to satisfy their pride? Or is it because they can afford it and it becomes a social thing? Whatever the reason they are being shown the force of nature and the power of the Spirit to bring them down crashing back to earth.

Because of their locations it appears that these home were not insured. That means they are a total loss and the owners face the cost of demolition and clean up as well. While they gloried in their luxury some three days ago they now suffer in their agony of losing everything.

Some of the homes are too damaged and dangerous for anyone to enter, even to retrieve goods. That means that the owners are possibly left with only the clothes they stand in as a legacy of what they once had.

Is this not a lesson for others? Beach front homes are not the ideal places to live in because nature is on the warpath against global warming and climate change. There can be little sympathy for those who nnow find that there is more to life than money and glory.

My reincarnation shows that we are returned from the dead and there are lessons in that as well. Money is man’s folly and pride born of it is but a fleeting thing as a long-term commitment to the things of God and to being strong in the Spirit is far more advantageous.

The Spirit looks after its own and they are not the ones who take pride or pleasure in living in a multi-million-dollar home or in having so much pride as to glory in where they live. Beaches washed into the sea are only part of what to expect. The same storm has created raging rivers in other areas and huge water events that have ripped through towns, destroyed businesses, homes, and livestock while taking several lives. It’s a big lesson and one that is repeated around the world.

Why Is Your Financial Education Out Dated?

Financial Education or Financial Literacy is the ability to understand what money/currency is and how to use it in a way that allows you to live the lifestyle that you dream with out getting taking advantage of. Most people, especially in the U.S. have very little financial Education due to its limits in our school systems. Below I’m going to give you a little of the history to catch you up to speed.

The Changes To Our Money
The old rules 1971 Richard Nixon took us off the gold standard, and made our money a currency. Which means that its not backed by Gold but my IOU’S that are created out of thin air, which turns into debt as soon as its printed and distributed.

ERISA Or as you may know it 401K

In the year 1974 ERISA was passed (Employee Retirement Income Security Act). ERISA is now evolved into what you know as a 401k. ERISA was originally created for high paid employees and CEOs to help assist with an additional revenue. In 1981, the IRS ruled that all workers could use the same means for revenue. But one of the big problems with the 401k is that its not a retirement plan, its a savings plan. What this means to all employees that you no longer had a paycheck for life and that the company was not going to take care of you for the rest of your life. So after these dates you would now have to save and invest enough money so that you can pay yourself a paycheck for the rest of your life.

Prior to 1971 the old rules were

  • Go To School
  • Get a Safe Secure Job
  • Save Your Money
  • Buy a House
  • Get Out Of Debt
  • Invest For The Long Term

A lot of people today still say the same things, I’m going to school to get a good paying job, make a lot of money, I’m going to buy house, invest and diversify. Those were the old rules, now I’m going to get into the new rules of money.

Lets take at look at this word: School

Before the year 1974, you could just go to school and get a job and be fine in society, but today in our society, people need to know that you need more education than the school systems provide. For example, one type of education that ours schools provide is Academic (which is reading writing and arithmetic and trust me those things are very important to survive.

The second is Professional, after you graduate from high school, do you go on to law school, become a doctor, Lawyer, etc. This is also very important and ours school do a good job of that.

Now the third is Financial Education. Financial education is why our people are in deep trouble today, our school systems have very little if any financial education. Also the only financial education our school teachers are teaching our kids is the knowledge that they know which is get a safe secure job, work hard get out of debt etc. That education is inadequate at this time.

Now with some of the old rules explained, moving forward we all need more financial education and need to invest in our greatest asset which is our minds and increasing our financial literacy. Its by combining all three of these that will give you the advantage you need to increase your lifestyle.